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New dealers are always welcome.

Our initial order is a total of 48 cards with the designs sold in increments of 4's or 6's, or combinations thereof. That represents 12 designs x 4 or 8 designs x 6. Re-orders are 36 total cards also sold in the above increments. Initial orders are pre-paid, COD, credit card or proforma and re-orders are granted an automatic net 30.

The cards wholesale at $3.50 each with a suggested retail price of at least $7/card.

Each dealer receives a full set of color copies (catalog) showing all of our images as well as a "Policy" sheet describing how the cards are made and re-order information, etc. Twice per year, Francy introduces about 6-8 new images and each active retailer receives a new color copy sheet to add to their catalog. The new designs correspond to the spring/summer selling season and the fall/winter season.

We honor selective distribution agreements with our existing accounts. Exclusive distribution rights are granted to a particular business type within a community. For example, if we have a craft gallery in a town, we will contact our existing gallery owner before selling to another gallery. We will also check with the existing account if another type of business (ie, bookstore, fly fishing shop, etc.) in the community wishes to sell our cards. To maintain exclusivity for your community, we require a minimum of 2 re-orders within a six month period following the initial order. If the minimum is not met, we reserve the right to seek another exclusive dealer.

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